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The BioNeemTec India private ltd, was established in the year 2013. Our main vision is to be the most credible incubation centre for institutions and industries. We are striving hard with a mission to develop a unique laboratory for Analytical, Biotechnology, Natural products and Synthetic chemistry, created to bring together an alliance of academia, government, and the industries to integrate research, development, and commercialization of potentially useful natural products from plants, microbes, algae, sponges etc……

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Isolation of secondary metabolites from Fungus, Bacteria,Algae. The secondary metabolites includes Bioactive compounds, Pigments, Flavonoids , Alkaloids ,Saponins ,Steroids etc.. Studies on ...
Standardizing Herbal medicines. Isolation & Purification of New Chemical Entities Bioactive compounds from medicinal plants, and its semisynthetic modification of functional group in natural c...
Ultra Violet spectroscopy. Electrophoresis. Polymerase Chain Reactor. Method dev...
Antibacterial activity Antifungal activity. Antiviral activity. Anticancer activity. Angio...
Students like, Msc , M.Phil & all Life science students can do their Mini & F...

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We are a BIOTECH based research unit devoted to the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical and agrichemical technologies based on the amazing chemical diversity of living organisms - plants, animals, and microbes.