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About us

Motivation of the lab

We are a BIOTECH based research unit devoted to the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical and agrichemical technologies based on the amazing chemical diversity of living organisms - plants, animals, and microbes. Natural products, mainly from plant-derived remedies, were the foundation for modern medical practice, and the cornerstone of biomedical research.It is a multidisciplinary lab , to discover and develop natural products and its application as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and agrochemicals.

Dr.Menaga Magendran , Director

Ph.D in Microbiology - chemistry (interdisciplinary) in University of Madras, and having 9 years of research experience in Microbiology as well as Natural product especially in isolation of active compounds from medicinal plants , algae, microbes(fungi & bacteria) etc.

Dr.Magendran balachari, Director

PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry- Chiral asymmetric synthesis, in University of Madras. He has around 15 years of research experience in synthesis and natural product especially in synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Also have rich experience in characterization of molecules with different spectroscopy and analytical procedures.