Dr.M.MENAGA .,Msc.,MPhil.,Phd (Microbiology -Chemistry ).


Ph.D in Microbiology - chemistry (interdisciplinary) in University of Madras, and having 9 years of research experience in Microbiology as well as    Natural product  especially in isolation of active compounds from medicinal plants , algae, microbes(fungi & bacteria) etc.

  • Bio prospecting terrestrial and aquatic microbes from various sources.
  • Isolation and separation of Active ingredients from microbes, algae and medicinal plants .
  • Extraction of Biologically important pigments like flavanoides, xanthophylls, astraxanthin from algae .<
  • Process development for the enhanced production of Industrially important products like enzymes, secondary metabolites from fungus.
  • Bio evaluation studies on both synthetic and natural product compounds (Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antioxidant and Angiogenesis study).



Synthetic Organic Chemistry- Chiral asymmetric synthesis, in University of Madras. Team havearound morethan 15 years of research experience in synthesis and natural product especially in synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Also have rich experience in characterization of molecules with different spectroscopy and analytical procedures.

  • Process development and technology transfer of active ingredients and formulation method development.
  • Custom synthesis, New Chemical Entities of active pharmaceutical ingredients and its intermediates.
  • Isolation & Purification of New Chemical Entities Bioactive compounds from medicinal plants, and its semisynthetic modification of functional group in natural compounds.
  • Filed United States, European and Indian patents in different category molecules in different area, also published in the journals.