Dr.M.MENAGA.,Msc.,MPhil.,Phd (Microbiology - Chemistry )


Dr.Menaga Magendran, the founder of Bioneemtec India Private ltd, Chennai started her journey as exploring her lab as a facility centre to bridge the gap between academics and industrial sectors. She has trained more than 500 students for this past 9 years for their project work and academic skill development. She also gives guidance for the start ups, women entrepreneurs for their conceptual based ideas, product development and support their product for commercial entry (start-up to scale up). She has more than 15 years of experience in microbiology enzyme technology and drug discovery platform. She has been associated with Chinese pharmaceutical company as a Division Head-Microbiology and faced USFDA, TGA audit.



Dr. Devan Balachari,
MSc Phd Organic Chemistry
President, American Biochemicals, Texas, USA

Mr. Aspire.K.Swaaminathan,
MBA, IIM,Banglore
Founder, CEO Aspire Ventures, Chennai
Global CEO Singapore Math Gym, Singapore

Mr. Vishwanathan,
MPharm International Pharma Consultant, China, Spain, and Singapore



Our team have vast rich diversified expertise with more than 30 years of research experience in synthetic chemistry and natural product chemistry. We are an active team members includes doctorates, Masters and Bachelor degrees in various disciplinaries. We are in to ...

  • Custom synthesis, New Chemical Entities of active pharmaceutical ingredients and its intermediates.
  • Isolation & Purification of New Chemical Entities Bio active compounds from medicinal plants, and its semisynthetic modification of functional group in natural compounds.
  • Product / Process development and technology transfer.
  • Supporting for Filing DMF, United States, European and Indian patents in different category molecules in different area.